Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The first block from the Pieces of Hope jelly roll is completed

The first block is completed! I'm so excited about how it turned out. I love how much energy it projects.I also like how after producing the block, I used a ruler at a crazy angle to cut the block to exact size and put the square at an angle.  I am thinking of calling this quilt "Hop To It"...I will tell you why later.

Monday, April 29, 2013

New Project using Riley Blake jelly roll

I just bought this adorable jelly roll from Riley Blake. It is called Pieces of Hope. 

Some of the profit from the sales of this line of fabric will be donated to the charity Autism Speaks. For more information about this charitable project click on this link:

I love the colors in these fabrics. I feel so happy when I look at them. My grandson HC loves puzzles and this line features puzzle pieces.  I am going to put my thinking cap on and see what new quilt I can create.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Money Saving Tip: Fix a snag

Tips for saving time and/or money so you have more time and/or money for quilting.

Last week I had this big snag on my dress. I didn't want to replace my dress so here's how I fixed it:

Step one: All I needed was a needle threader. These are available in most any fabric store.
In the notions aisle.

You can buy a three pack for less than a dollar. Here is a link for them on sale at Joann's:

Step two: from the backside of the fabric, poke the threader wire through the fabric exactly where the snag is. 

Step three: keeping the wire in place turn the garment right side out. Now you are looking at the front side of the fabric and it has a wire loop sticking out. 

Step four: thread the snag through the wire like you're threading a needle.

Step five: from the backside of the garment, pull the needle threader wire through, with the snag still inside the wire loop.

Step six: do not cut the snag off because the fabric can come apart if you cut it, especially if it is a knitted fabric.

TA DA, your dress no longer has a big snaggy thread hanging out. 

Here is the after picture and the arrow shows where the snag was. SMILES