Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Quilt for Kim

My neighbor, Kim, brought me this "cheater" fabric for a wedding-gift quilt! We all know how busy wedding time can be. This fabric is a great time-saver!

It looks so great all quilted up!

We played around with curvy lines quilting.

I love how a large circle design formed. 

Here is the beautiful back!

And a closeup photo of the back.

What a great wedding gift! Thanks Kim for letting me quilt your quilt!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas Quilt for Fabric Mill

 In 2009 Fabric Mill created this Christmas Quilt Kit and asked me to quilt it for them. It was displayed in their store to promote their kit and my quilting. 

Here is the front. What a cute snowman!

Here is the back! You can see the overall design.

A close up of the center panel and the quilting detail. 

Here is a closeup of the borders. I outlined each of the holly leaves. I loved how that turned out!

It is fun remembering working on this cute quilt! Thanks Fabric Mill!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Binding Calculator

I just found this terrific binding calculator! It tells you how much fabric you need to make the binding for your quilt in both on grain and bias styles. Even if you know how much fabric to buy, it tells you how many strips to cut! A great tool!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pink and Brown

Look at my client's beautiful quilt! I love this one block quilt that creates a charming secondary pattern.

Here is the picture of the back. I quilted this one using Pam Clarke's designs with lines system.

The pattern looks quite different on the front than it does on the back. 

A close up!

Such great colors!

A glimpse of the border.

I am so happy I was able to quilt on this beautiful quilt!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Table Runner

 I love these prints I have had in my stash for some time. I put together this little table runner because I wanted to practice my piecing skills. Each block let me focus on a different aspect of precision piecing. It was a good exercise. Maybe someday, I could use this to teach a class. I thought it turned out ok.

That is me holding the table runner so you can see the front. 

Here is the back. I used some extra blocks to make the back seam more interesting.

Here are some closeup photos showing the quilting.

  And here is another picture of the whole runner. It was a fun exercise.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Perfect for July

It was so much fun to work on this festive quilt.

I quilted a simple wavy line in the ditch between blocks and borders.

I love the contrast of pattern and color!

 In the border I quilted around the flowers giving the quilt a fluffy soft look.

Happy Independence Day! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 I went to the Zoo last week with quite a few of my family members. It was great to be together and OH SO HOT! We have been experiencing triple digit days for almost a week now. PHEW!

 We saw a most interesting thing early in the morning. This monkey is drinking out of the pond. But, look at how he is using his tail like a hand to hold on to that branch and leveraging himself out there staying dry.

They had a lot of beautiful lego creations at the Zoo and this is my great nephew C looking out of an orangutan creation. What a cute face!

This is my great niece M pointing at the elephants. Is she not just so cute!

How big are we compared to the Orangutans?

Giraffe Spots are so cool ! I took this close up so I could use it in a quilt?! 

The bird show at the Hogle Zoo is amazingly well done. They informed us that Bald Eagles are no longer threatened! That made me feel happy. I love my country.

I forget what these critters are called but H liked being close and watching them eat "Fox Food" because the pellets looked like what the fox was eating. Don't you love the way he is standing on one leg?! The sign says these are closely related to elephants because of their teeth and feet. Amazing!!

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful Zoo day with you!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Joni's Quilt

Joni asked me to quilt this quilt for her. I used Pam Clarke's Technique, Designs With Lines, to make a flower like design in each block. It worked up quite nicely. 

Here is a closeup. I love Joni's color placement. 

Here is the back. What a snugly quilt. 

Thank you Joni for letting me quit your beautiful quilt!