Friday, April 22, 2016

Fresh Frozen Omelette

Fresh Frozen Omelette

I love to eat veggie omelettes! However, on busy mornings they take a bit too much time to make. Plus, it is tricky keeping all those fresh ingredients on hand with out waste.So, to overcome those hurdles I use the freezer.  I purchase things like green peppers and onions in quantities greater than my current need. Then I freeze them. I find it best to chop them into usable size before freezing. I lay the chopped pieces in a thin layer on a plate and put it in my freezer overnight. Then I put the pieces in a freezer container for use later.

Here are pictures of an omelette being made using frozen veggies.

The frozen veggies are in a pan with some oil. As they thaw, they release moisture.

As they cook the moisture evaporates.

Pretty soon they look just like fresh veggies being cooked. 

Then I crack the eggs into the cooked veggies. 

Stir it all around.

This morning I used slices of string cheese because I was out of grated cheese.

Viola! Veggie Omelette! (Now to pop that whole wheat toast in the toaster...)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Scrap Potholders

scrap pot holders

I have been having fun making these potholders from left over scraps. I keep the little scraps of fabric from my quilts. These are the scraps that are smaller than 2 1/2 inches in at least one dimension. I store them sorted by color.

To piece the pot holders I start in the center of a 8 or 9 inch square of batting. I put one small scrap of fabric right side up in the middle of the batting square.  Then I put another small scrap on top of the first with one edge of each scrap lined up, right sides together.

I sew along the lined up edges of the scraps with a quarter inch seam. Then, I finger press along the seam so right sides are up. The next step is to place another scrap along one of the exposed edges of the scraps on the batting. Keep repeating around and around the exposed edges using larger and longer scraps until the whole square of batting is covered.

The first three pictures in this post were quilted on my long arm machine. I pieced several pot holder tops. Then I put a piece of backing fabric on my long arm machine, placed the pot holder tops on the backing and quilted the bunch of them. 

 An alternative quilting method is shown in the last three pictures. You can quilt them on a domestic machine. After piecing them, put a square of backing fabric on the back of the piecing. Pin them together and stitch them in the ditch.
Then bind them as usual except, leave a 3 inch piece of binding fabric at the end for a hanger. Here is a tutorial for binding a potholder here. Have a lot of fun using up your scraps!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fresh Frozen Herbs

I like to buy the fresh herbs because I am not so great at growing them (especially in the winter time) and they taste so wonderful. However, there is usually more herb on the plant than I need before the herb plant goes all yucky and buggy or it dies.  So,after use what I need fresh; I cut off the remaining leaves and freeze the rest.

I just put all the little leaves in a little zipper bag. I like to label my bag so I know what I am getting out of the freezer later.  When I put the zipper bag in the freezer, I spread the leaves out so It freezes in small clumps instead of one big clump.

Then next time I need fresh herbs, TA DA I pull my little bag out of the freezer, measure out what I need and viola! I have fresh taste and no waste! I tried this with the jumbo pack of fresh spinach leaves recently and they froze so nicely! So yummy in my morning omelette. I love my freezer!