Friday, April 22, 2016

Fresh Frozen Omelette

Fresh Frozen Omelette

I love to eat veggie omelettes! However, on busy mornings they take a bit too much time to make. Plus, it is tricky keeping all those fresh ingredients on hand with out waste.So, to overcome those hurdles I use the freezer.  I purchase things like green peppers and onions in quantities greater than my current need. Then I freeze them. I find it best to chop them into usable size before freezing. I lay the chopped pieces in a thin layer on a plate and put it in my freezer overnight. Then I put the pieces in a freezer container for use later.

Here are pictures of an omelette being made using frozen veggies.

The frozen veggies are in a pan with some oil. As they thaw, they release moisture.

As they cook the moisture evaporates.

Pretty soon they look just like fresh veggies being cooked. 

Then I crack the eggs into the cooked veggies. 

Stir it all around.

This morning I used slices of string cheese because I was out of grated cheese.

Viola! Veggie Omelette! (Now to pop that whole wheat toast in the toaster...)

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