Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fresh Frozen Herbs

I like to buy the fresh herbs because I am not so great at growing them (especially in the winter time) and they taste so wonderful. However, there is usually more herb on the plant than I need before the herb plant goes all yucky and buggy or it dies.  So,after use what I need fresh; I cut off the remaining leaves and freeze the rest.

I just put all the little leaves in a little zipper bag. I like to label my bag so I know what I am getting out of the freezer later.  When I put the zipper bag in the freezer, I spread the leaves out so It freezes in small clumps instead of one big clump.

Then next time I need fresh herbs, TA DA I pull my little bag out of the freezer, measure out what I need and viola! I have fresh taste and no waste! I tried this with the jumbo pack of fresh spinach leaves recently and they froze so nicely! So yummy in my morning omelette. I love my freezer!

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