Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 I went to the Zoo last week with quite a few of my family members. It was great to be together and OH SO HOT! We have been experiencing triple digit days for almost a week now. PHEW!

 We saw a most interesting thing early in the morning. This monkey is drinking out of the pond. But, look at how he is using his tail like a hand to hold on to that branch and leveraging himself out there staying dry.

They had a lot of beautiful lego creations at the Zoo and this is my great nephew C looking out of an orangutan creation. What a cute face!

This is my great niece M pointing at the elephants. Is she not just so cute!

How big are we compared to the Orangutans?

Giraffe Spots are so cool ! I took this close up so I could use it in a quilt?! 

The bird show at the Hogle Zoo is amazingly well done. They informed us that Bald Eagles are no longer threatened! That made me feel happy. I love my country.

I forget what these critters are called but H liked being close and watching them eat "Fox Food" because the pellets looked like what the fox was eating. Don't you love the way he is standing on one leg?! The sign says these are closely related to elephants because of their teeth and feet. Amazing!!

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful Zoo day with you!

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