Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Money Saving Tip: Fix a snag

Tips for saving time and/or money so you have more time and/or money for quilting.

Last week I had this big snag on my dress. I didn't want to replace my dress so here's how I fixed it:

Step one: All I needed was a needle threader. These are available in most any fabric store.
In the notions aisle.

You can buy a three pack for less than a dollar. Here is a link for them on sale at Joann's:

Step two: from the backside of the fabric, poke the threader wire through the fabric exactly where the snag is. 

Step three: keeping the wire in place turn the garment right side out. Now you are looking at the front side of the fabric and it has a wire loop sticking out. 

Step four: thread the snag through the wire like you're threading a needle.

Step five: from the backside of the garment, pull the needle threader wire through, with the snag still inside the wire loop.

Step six: do not cut the snag off because the fabric can come apart if you cut it, especially if it is a knitted fabric.

TA DA, your dress no longer has a big snaggy thread hanging out. 

Here is the after picture and the arrow shows where the snag was. SMILES

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