Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A clever Idea for cutting bias strips

So, I am going to bind a little quilt. I am using a 1/3 yard strip of fabric and I want to cut it on the bias. I came up with this idea to make it easier to cut the strips without having to measure every time I cut a strip. 

I measured from the diagonal line on my cutting mat with a ruler and marked it at 2 1/4 inches and then put a piece of masking tape along the new line. (I used 2 1/4 inches because that is the size I like to make my binding strips. If you like a different size, use that measurement!)

After cutting the fabric on the diagonal line once, just slide the cut edge to the tape and cut along the line marked on the cutting mat. Then you have cut after cut all the same size and no more measuring. 

Then join the edges and you have a bias binding strip!

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