Monday, September 23, 2013

The "Hop To It" quilt is done!

A while back I created this cute little quilt and I've kept you updated on its progress. Click here to see it in different phases. I am happy to say that, finally, it is finished! And I love how it turned out.

It is so cheerful and fun, and I love the movement of the stack and whack blocks.

I quilted some water like ripples and a few lily pads in the quilting. I used dream wool batting. What do you think? It was nice to quilt and has a loftier texture than the Hobbes 80/20 I usually use)

Here is a closeup of the little frog applique. He was drawn by my daughter Ari and I think he looks ready to jump! I think the blocks are like lily pads. I am happy with this quilt!

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