Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Different ways to lay out the same blocks

I made these fun asymmetrical 9 patch blocks using a "stack and whack" method. I wanted to visualize how they would look when they were all put together in a quilt.

 Here is a link to a page with three stack and whack tutorials: 

For this quilt I used the Crazy Nine Patch Lattice Tutorial from the site above. I used 9 different fabrics in three different colors. Because I layered the fabrics brown, blue, green repeat, the blocks kind of look like they are woven.

I wanted to get an idea of what I could do with this block, so I laid all the blocks out on the floor and took a look. First I put them side by side.

 Then I put them on a piece of background fabric with a little space around them to represent sashing...

Then I set them on point, I tried it with four pieced blocks...

 and another version with five.

All of the layouts had something unique to offer, but I ended up making the quilt like the first lay out because I liked the woven look for this application. This quilt is featured in a post from back in May. You can see a picture of it finished and read more about it here:  Jordan's Quilt

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