Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pink and Brown Heart Quilt

I had the opportunity to quilt this cute quilt for my friend, Gail. She gave it to her granddaughter, lucky granddaughter!

I love the circle motion on this quilt design.  I don't know what pattern she used but you could use this  free pattern to create the quarter circle blocks. Then you would put them together with sashing. The smaller circles in this picture are put together the same way as the larger circles, they are just smaller. This is not a beginner project!!

Here is a close up of some of the quilting. I used a ruler and stitched in the ditch around these blocks.

Here is a close up of the heart meander I used in the borders and some other areas. I love this echoed heart meander! It is fun to do and I am pretty speedy at it.

Some more heart meander......

In this picture you can see that in some of the circles I did a big flower like design using Pam Clarke's techniques. If you want to learn about that type of quilting she calls it Designs with Lines.

More pictures of the quilting for your viewing pleasure. In this one you can see how the small circles are pieced......

I really enjoyed quilting this quilt! Thank you Gail!

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