Sunday, May 19, 2013

A day at the beach

 K woke up early in the morning. Here he is examining something while we all get ready to head to the beach!

Yay, I say! a day at the beach--even if it is windy and cold... Our rental house is just a walk down the stairs from this beautiful beach. 

 Here is my grandson, H and Daisy the dog. Daisy loves, really loves, to fetch things. She will fetch until she drops dead of exhaustion. Really Matt has to be careful to keep her from over exerting herself. 
Here she is begging Steven to throw sticks for her...

I Love this whale shaped rock on the beach. How amazing nature is in all it's diversity of form. As you can see, Daisy is still busy with the begging...

Ari and family having fun on the shore. Ari has a bun in the oven....

Michael and H and Daisy.... Finally, someone who will throw sticks for her.

More stick throwing...

and again....

Logan and his dog, Cosmo. What a good boy Cosmo is!

Cosmo is very well behaved.

Doing what I love...being with my grand boys

What is that up in the air?

Jen and family having fun on the beach!

Daisy is at it again! This time begging Matt to kick the ball for her to chase.

Love this guy!

Peeking at Grandpa

K doing a stair marathon!
He climbed all the way up.
Grandma had to document the whole thing...

Looking back at the beautiful beach we were able to enjoy for a while. So grateful for this day.

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  1. What beautiful photography! I love our family, and spending a long weekend playing on the beach and hiking together is a dream come true :)