Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Van Damm State Park and Mendocino, California

It was so fun to wake up to the pitter-pat of grandchildren feet in the very nice house we rented through Home a much better arrangement than multiple hotel rooms! Plus we had a kitchen and dining room so we could eat family style and all together. And, there was a washing machine and dryer which is great by the beach and with littles.

We took a hike to Van Damme State Park where they have a lovely paved path in a redwood forest.
Everyone went for a hike or a run. It was so nice to be together in nature. First visit to the Redwood forest for Michael.

 It is amazing how tall the trees are. Steven took this beautiful picture.

 Here we are...

 Some people got really tired...

 K has some fun time with Grandpa

 Being a great Uncle to H

K with his daddy

 H and grandpa running. It is amazing what a good hiker our three year old grandson is.

 Drinking and driving?

 This is Jen and her family

H is a great runner!

 After the hike we all went to lunch in Mendocino, CA. Such a cute little town and yummy lunch at the Mendocino Cafe. Nice and fresh food. 

I took this panorama of the Mendocino bay. What a beautiful world we have to live in!

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