Thursday, June 6, 2013

Easy Candied Nuts

I subscribe to the Magazine Real Simple. I like the articles they have that help me simplify life. I LOVE the butter crunch nuts that I used to be able to get at Target but the last few times I have visited Target, no nuts. I was a little desperate for candied nuts and saw this recipe I had clipped from the magazine. So, while we were on vacation, I made the recipe and it was very good.

I used salted nuts that were not raw. Actually, I used salted cashews from Costco, some dry roasted peanuts from Target, some almonds from the cooking isle at Costco and a few pistachios, also from Costco. (How would we survive without that store??)

I put the nuts in the oven at 400 degrees just like the recipe says. After I had toasted the nuts, and when the pan was cool-ish, I buttered it with real butter because I did not have parchment paper. (Having that on vacation is not simple ;)

I put the ingredients in the pan and did not swirl like the recipe says, but just let it simmer. I probably had the temperature a little higher than actual simmer probably medium low because I am always trying to speed things up in the kitchen. The stuff turned carmel color so, I put the nuts in the pan, mixed it up and poured it out on the cookie sheet.

I let it cool so I didn't burn myself and Viola it was tasty. I think I let it cook just a tad too long so next time, I would accept it was carmel as soon as it starts to color up.

Mmmm sweet and salty!

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