Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eye Spy in Black in White

 Well, the time has come to do the final testing on some of the patterns I have been developing over the past few years. I am motivated to get these patterns available on my website so you can have fun making quilts.

This is me working on a new quilt while I was on vacation. This pattern I have developed also makes a great eye-spy quilt! My test quilt will be black and white. I brought along fabric and supplies to do some cutting since bringing the machine along is....not as easy.

Here are the black and white fabrics cut for this quilt. I am trying to decide on the accent squares, bright pink or white? What do you think? Please post your vote.


  1. I vote white.
    I think it would look very elegant :) bright pink would be cute for a little girl quilt, but not as polished as white.

  2. What about yellow??